Global optic cable tender VEON

Dear partner,

Please be informed that Group of Companies “VEON” is going to initiate The tender for the choice of optic cable supplier for the next countries for 3 years :





Please respond to this letter stating the following mandatory information:

As only manufacturers are invited, please provide the authorizational letter by manufacturer or the confirmation of the in-house production for optic cables needed as per Technical requirements ?declarations for all cabling types).

Confirmation of your wish to participate in the tender (e-mail is enough) and state the local (DDP) partner in the Opcos you would like to supply the equipment to.

Requisites company information (Company name, registered company address, etc – excel file Card of participant.xls)

The letter with the details confirming the manufacturing capacity of the volumes requested by VEON in current tender. 歵he manufacturing capacity should be not less than 10 000 km of cable annually (please provide the register with shipment invoices without commercial data for 2 years) and the places where the plants are situated.

Signed NDA ( in attachment).

Please be informed that if your company is willing to participate in this tender, it means that you agree with Terms of Confidentiality and you will be responsible for non- observance of these conditions according to  applicable law.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter till 12.12.2018 10.00  (Moscow time). If no answer is received by this date, we consider it as your refusal to participate in the tender.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for help.

Yours faithfully,

Procurement Manager

Natalya Fedorova